He’Is a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction.’’

FRANKS Daily Specials

Meet Frank

Now, let me tell ya a tale ’bout a fella named Frank – a man who’s been to every saloon and chophouse in the land! He’s a true adventurer, always on the move, makin’ friends and leavin’ a trail of broken hearts in his wake. But ol’ Frank ain’t in it for the love; he’s on a quest for culinary perfection and a taste of that sweet, sweet inspiration that keeps him goin’!

This fella’s got the heart of a poet and the hands of a rancher, a true jack-of-all-trades. He carries himself like a modern-day warrior, never seekin’ out trouble, but always ready to wrangle it if it comes his way. So watch out, folks – if you see Frank comin’, you best be ready for an adventure, ’cause he’s always on the lookout for a new ride!

Legend has it that Frank is always here at Fancy Frank’s Diner, although he is never seen. But you’ll know Frank is around. An occasional whiff from behind you of well-polished leather with the subtle tang of hot engine oil; turn and it’s gone.